Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary

Independent Order of Odd Fellows



The Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary of Ontario received it's charter from the Grand Encampment of Ontario on the 25th day of May 1998

The Powers of this Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary shall be those, granted to it by the Sovereign Grand Lodge and the Grand Encampment of Ontario.

It shall have direct supervision over all Ladies Encampment Auxiliaries in the Province of Ontario

The Object of the Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary shall be to promote the growth and activity of the Matriarchal Unit of Odd Fellowship by assisting the Grand Encampment in its many endeavors.

It shall promote unity within the Unit and with other Units of Odd Fellowship.

All Members shall strive to live in accordance with the obligation and lessons they have undertaken and received.

In Order to join a Ladies Encampment Auxiliary, one must first have received the Rebekah Degree.